Saturday, May 31, 2008

Put a fork in it

The first part of the season came to an end today at Murad. Not much to report from the event, other than the crash looked pretty ugly and I managed to get through it by mere luck. Now it's time to pack the bags and head first to Dallas and then to Miami for some fun in the sun. "Lucinda" will receive some TLC from one of the best mechanics in the world, my dad, who will arrive in DC in a week's time. Oh, and I turn 35 tomorrow, so if you see me at the CSC Invitational, no jokes about getting old.


Kyle Jones said...

Dang I thought you were older than that. haha. Happy birthday. You might see me around tomorrow. That crash looked nasty and I am so thankful I was not involved. My teammate left the hospital a couple hours later just banged up a bit.

Bryan Burns said...

good luck in your travels...say Hi to Hilary.

RayMan said...

Happy BDay.

Didn't see you at CSC. What an awesome event.