Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gamjams Review-Cleaners and Degreasers

"I may not be fast, but I do look good and so does my bike". That's my motto and to keep the bike looking good all the time, my routine has worked pretty good. In fact, Jose Nunez has liked it so much, his bike spends quality time during the season at my house getting, "pretty".

It all begins with a bucket of warm water and dish soap, a couple of brushes, garden hose, some rags (old t-shirts), degreaser (Performance brand does it for me.) and three or four paper towls. Wash the bike with low pressure from the hose. Although my dad, an avid bike mechanic advises against it, over the years it has worked well. Degrease the chain and then brush it really good. Rinse. Dry the frame with a clean rag and use a different one for the chain. Pedro's Bike Lust goes next on the frame for that shiny look. Once the chain has dried, use the papertowls to get it as clean as possible. Lube and finally with another clean rag, give the chain a few last wipes.

The above procedure is done once or twice a month, depending on how much rain we get. During the week, a couple of quick runs with a rag keep the bike looking clean. It really doesn't take that much time, and it sure makes the bike feel fast, at least that's what I say. "A clean bike, a fast bike".

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Improving My Racing

As you may have noticed on the poll (to your right), the question this week is "Improving Your Racing". Once again I want to remind you, dear reader, that I'm not into all the techie-telemetry stuff out there when it comes to training. My method is more old school, where my own personal and humble believe is that if I ride, and ride, and ride some more, the form will eventually come. And I try to keep my "hobby" as fun as I can, because after all, that's what it is and I don't get paid to ride.

That said, every season I like to take a few steps up and progress. One area I would like to improve this year is racing a little more aggressive, and having more mental strength when it comes to getting involved in the race. Many times I have found myself just going through a race without much of a plan and finish events with plenty of gas in the tank. Crit racing is probably where I look to improve the most, since I'm apprehensive at times at going all out.

Hopefully the solution is to keep telling myself to just go for it. Also, having joined a bigger team will help, because having more teammates will for sure push me to give more. And last, the new bike is starting to feel like a glove, which makes handling it in a pack a little easier.

So, your turn now, check the poll, see what you think and leave your comments.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Race time

I registered yesterday for Walkersville, Masters 35+ 4/5. Last year I had a good time at this race and I'm looking forward to a repeat this year. As long as the weather warms up a few more degrees, I should be fine. Last week I picked my new bike.

You be the judge. It's a nice ride, and I spent two days tweaking a few adjustments made during my fitting at Arrow Bicycle. Chris M. and Chris D. took care of me and I feel 90% better on the bike compared to last year. Some drastic changes were made, but so far, I like how everything feels and the way the Specialized feels. You will spot a few more of my teammates on their new rigs at your local ride/race.