Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Improving My Racing

As you may have noticed on the poll (to your right), the question this week is "Improving Your Racing". Once again I want to remind you, dear reader, that I'm not into all the techie-telemetry stuff out there when it comes to training. My method is more old school, where my own personal and humble believe is that if I ride, and ride, and ride some more, the form will eventually come. And I try to keep my "hobby" as fun as I can, because after all, that's what it is and I don't get paid to ride.

That said, every season I like to take a few steps up and progress. One area I would like to improve this year is racing a little more aggressive, and having more mental strength when it comes to getting involved in the race. Many times I have found myself just going through a race without much of a plan and finish events with plenty of gas in the tank. Crit racing is probably where I look to improve the most, since I'm apprehensive at times at going all out.

Hopefully the solution is to keep telling myself to just go for it. Also, having joined a bigger team will help, because having more teammates will for sure push me to give more. And last, the new bike is starting to feel like a glove, which makes handling it in a pack a little easier.

So, your turn now, check the poll, see what you think and leave your comments.


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