Saturday, August 15, 2009


So we flew back from Panama last night after a month of bikes, sun, and very, very good local food. Two weeks without the bike were also had and it was well spent by sitting on the hamac, eating coconut duros (look it up) and pretty much, following Sigberto's advise of not taking things too seriously when it comes to the bike and enjoy all things life.

Seems like I'm sort of a "ghost" back in the homeland because it's the second time while attempting to leave the country, legally, that the good folks at customs can't seem to find me in their records, even though I'm well documented. A call to a supervisor followed by another call to the supervisor's supervisor seemed to take care of things, but I'm starting to wonder what's going on down there.

While catching up with local blogs, there's a transition period going on, with people starting to think off season, cyclocross, mtb, track, etc. After the crash at the Dawgs Days of summer, I also started to think that it would be better to transition into less racing, and by that I mean, maybe two races next year. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to ride, show up at Hains Point and get totally killed, go with the groups on the weekend and pretend to hang on, but the racing will take a back seat. If the seventh edition of the Vuelta Masters a Chiriqui happens as I'm told it will, you can bet your paycheck I'll be making the trip south once again. But on the local circuit, I'm going to become a little bit of a ghostman.

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