Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last ride of 09

Today was probably the last ride of 2009, unless I manage to sneak a ride before the rain that is forecasted for tomorrow, although I'm not feeling too confident at the moment. Ever since the snow storm of two weeks ago, I hadn't manage any physical activity worth mentioning, although the supreme leader and I started to walk in the mornings. Plan is to incorporate some core workouts to the routine once the new year arrives, but I'm not making any promises.

So Hains Point today with a balmy 28 degrees and a group of about 10. I have no dreams of hanging in the noon ride for quite some time, but man, what an eye opener when the speed went violently from a perfect 18mph to 24mph, my body just didn't want part of it. Two laps was all I could do before settling to finish the hour by myself. Good thing the Ipod came along to keep company, otherwise Dani would have ridden home by himself.

As the year ends, looking back, it was a fun one. Got to travel with the bike, despite having a pretty ugly crash, nothing was severly damaged, and overall, I am happy with the miles and form I had throughout the year. No pro contracts arrived at my door, but not like I was waiting for them anyway. Now looking to 2010, the goal is to just have fun. No set training routine, no races (although July is an important month) to worry about, just ride, stop somewhere for a Coke and enjoy the scenery. Anything else is icing on the cake.


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