Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another good 3 days...

Things continue to improve and I'm starting to believe that it's all mental. A positive attitude can do wonders and I can't ask for more at the moment. Things are good on the bike, and after spending the last 72 hours going up and down hills, my legs are nice and sore, which is what I wanted.

Still though, I'm doing my best not to get suckered into hammer fests at the local rides, and I'm just doing enough to get a good workout without burning too many matches, after all, it's only November and spring seems too distant right now, even though the temperatures this past weekend were on the warm side.

Two more weeks (hopefully squeezing 3 rides in each) before travel begins and I'll be able to take a week off the bike to let the body and mind have a break, but those of you who know about jet lag may disagree with me.

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