Sunday, November 2, 2008

Waiting for spring to come

Looks like I did my last afternoon (6PM) ride at Hains Point on Thursday. With time changing in just a few hours, time on the saddle is going to be drastically cut. One thing that I will try again this winter is not to get on the trainer, at all! if possible. The "torture machine" as it's better known has spent the best part of a year hidden somewhere in the closet and the plan is to keep it there for an undetermined period (eternity).

Speaking of Hains Point, I heard that Mondays and Fridays are easy days but according to some reports last Monday things got a little hairy. And the last two Fridays I have had to raise my heart rate higher than I wanted on a recovery ride. I'm all about having fun every now and then, but this pattern will have to be carefully watched. Maybe it was the fact that the temperature was nice and warm and the southern wind was prevelant. On the plus side, I can only make it on Fridays to the noon ride.

Work is going to probably keep me away from the bike towards the end of the month, so everyday that I can get my arse on the saddle counts. Seems like a trip to a far off place is in the books and I will arrive back home only with 5 days to dust the leg muscles to get them ready for the trip down to the motherland. The locals would have finished the Vuelta a Chiriqui just a few days prior to my arrival and their form will be tip top. I'm just hoping that some of the old dudes will hang back and feel sorry for me.

The achilles soreness made a return this week, but at a milder level. The medicine prescribed by the chiro is working, but as he said, this is going to take a while to heal. Patience is the name of the game.

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