Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Beginning

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ya'll. I finally finished jetsetting around the world, after an intense travel scheduled the last six weeks. The bike saw a little bit of action during that time but saddly I no longer have my Specialized Tarmac (Lucinda, as I afectionated called it). It made the trip to Panama, got me some good times, and a doctor who saw it liked it so much, he bought it. But not only did the bike stay behind, so did both of my helmets and all but one of my kits. So if you see me now, I'm riding my old trusty aluminum bike or "the tank" for the next two months or so.

For 2009, I will be riding under the colors of Route 1 Velo and hopefully I can be of help to the guys. The firepower in the team's roster is impressive already and I will do my best to lend a hand to the guys this year. Having my buddy Jose in the ranks is important, since we pretty much train together and travel to races all the time. I know most of the guys already and after the first team ride, I felt pretty much at home. Now it's just a matter of piling the miles and getting myself ready.

Today I went over to Hains Point with Dani for the traditional Jan. 1 ride at the park. After a night where some Corona's were consumed and good food was eaten (courtesy of Dani and his wife), my main concern was the cold temperatures. And it was damn cold, but we saw lots of people out riding. We did about an hour and a half and bolted back to Dani's to finish the leftovers. Good times on and off the bike.


Kyle Jones said...

Did you upgrade by chance? I am wondering who is still a 4 for this coming season. 3 months until the first races.

Jesse said... can run from R1V but you can't hide. ;) We're everywhere....bwhahahah!

I was bummed that I missed the jan 1 ride. Heard it was a blast. see you this weekend.