Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hit and miss

That's what I would call my "winter training" so far, just a series of hits and misses. So far I think I have ridden less miles than in years past, but one thing I'm noticing at the moment is that I seem not to either worry or care too much about it and I'll take that as a positive sign. If you have stopped by the blog every now and then, you have probably noticed that I'm not a fan of the trainer, AT ALL!!. You can pretty much bet your last dollar that I will not touch that thing if I can help it. And just to make sure I stay true to my goal of not "training" on the torture machine, I took it to Dani's house the other day and left it there. And that my friends, felt really good.

So as I said, aside from getting bitch slapped at the 10AM rides on Saturdays and hanging with the B group on the Bike Place ride every now and then on Sundays, this winter has been pretty much missing some action. And speaking of action, my bosses at work have come up with the great idea of changing our work schedule, from 3.5 days a week to something called, fortnight schedule. An idea from the british I'm told and not very well liked by the populous in my department. It means that now we have to work every other weekend, and of course, the first thing I thought of was what impact that would have on my riding pleasure. The funny thing is that my crew will work 77 hours in a two week period, yet the bosses will pay them the extra three hours needed to complete the full 80 hours. Someone didn't run the numbers right, me thinks. But back to the cycling affected part of the schedule, it appears that once time changes, I will be able to sneak the 7AM on Sats and the Bike Place ride on Sunds, before hauling my butt to the office on the weekends I have to render my services. Yesterday I worked a racing schedule and it seems like I could make a total of 12 races already listed on the MABRA calendar.

After I was done complaining about the change, I refocused on making sure to make those races count. I can lend a hand to my new teammates and help lay down the law, ensuring our designated leader gets the support needed. And who knows, maybe I can sneak a result or three out of the whole deal. As they say, we shall see. The new team kit arrived and it looks killer, and the rest of the toys should be here by the end of the month. Just in time for spring.

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