Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Here I go again, rode three days off and then, work throws me a curve ball. The bad part is that tomorrow will be a long day, starting around 6AM and going all the way to 11:15PM, nice!!!. The good part is that I wasn't planning to ride tomorrow anyway and now because of the long day ahead, I will actually leave work early Thursday afternoon to do a ride, so at the end it works in my favour. Friday and Saturday are looking like long days on the saddle. The plan is to do a ride with Jose on Friday and maybe we can recruit Dani for the Saturday double. Sunday is up in the air, don't know if I'll do the last Tradezone or the regular Bicycle Place ride.

Looks like The Pro Bike shop is opening a store in Alexandria, about 1 mile from my house which is great. Two bike shops within riding distance, that's good news. Other than that, today's ride at Hains Point was without incidents, same as yesterday and the wind was light so it didn't feel cold at all. Looking forward to the weekend and maybe, just maybe, a ride without knee warmers.

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danimeaurio said...

El viernes trabajo, el sabado trabajo y el domingo trabajo. Hoy al mediodia ya recibi e hice recibir.