Saturday, March 1, 2008

Where's the rhythm?

Gone, that's where...Monday was the last time I got on the bike this past week and today, man, did I feel it. Good thing I skipped the 7AM massacre because it would have turned into a very bad scene for me. Instead I headed to Hains Point for a few laps, to try and get the legs and lungs to respond again. Crossing the 14th street bridge was an accomplishment because the wind was steadily picking up and although I wasn't completely sideways, I had to do a number to keep from getting thrown onto traffic on 395. The first two laps were nothing to write home about, nothing seemed to function right. I felt uncomfortable, figthing the bike, and the aforementioned wind wasn't helping either on the airport side. Luckly the Ipod started to pump some nice tunes and when AC/DC all of the sudden kicked in, things went from bad to OK. The feeling began to change and things looked promising but it was time to head back home, damn I hate having to work on Saturdays. On the 14 street bridge I ran into Matt and we rode back to Alexandria together, chatting and talking about the up coming races. Matt is heading to Tradezone tomorrow and he should do good there. I will probably head to the BP ride and then, of course, back to work.

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