Sunday, October 12, 2008

Injury Time

Last week was spent off work and just doing some good time riding, having fun. Despite that, I was trying to recover from a cold that was prolonging its usual 3 to 4 days stays each year. This time the bastard hung tight and didn't want to let go, but despite that, the warm weather was welcomed. And with all the riding, my right ankle started to act up. Never before have I felt this type of discomfort and not wanting to miss on the good weather, I kept pedalling.

Yesterday at the 10AM, which was quite peppy by the way, the ankle finally had enough punishment and the pain was quite considerable. Half way into the ride, I had to pull the plug, not that I was going to last much longer in the main group. From then on, it was a limp back home. Jose encouraged me to call Lindsey for an "emergency pick up", but I was having none of it (dumb, I know). Once home, the pain decreased and watching the Longhorns beat OU and downing a few cold Shiner Bucks had me thinking that all was back in business, but that wasn't to be.

With the prospects of two rides on Sunday, I wanted to make an attempt to ride, but upon waking up, I knew that a ride was not going to be possible. What hurt the most was the fact that it was probably the last Sunday with great weather, but giving the ankle some time to recover was probably a smart move. Plus I did some cleaning around the house, wash the car and bike, cook some steak, watch football, Paris-Tours and just laid low. Tomorrow I'm going to start going to the gym to pump some iron. I'm not the muscle type, but it will be good to work on a few ones that need some improvement.

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