Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still hurting, but...

So the ankle is still acting up. Not as bad as last week, but enough to keep reminding me that there's something going on down there. Nonetheless, I managed to ride since Wednesday and just dealt with the discomfort.

Today's 10AM was a better performance compared to last week. I hung with the main bunch and felt pretty much within myself, which was a drastic difference from last week. So aside from the pain and the cool temperatures, the ride was just perfect.

But there were some extracurricular activities on the way back. As the ride was winding down, one guy (I don't know his name, but his reputation is not a good one within the cycling community because of his temper) started mouthing off to another rider. Things quickly escalated and before I knew it both dudes were off the bikes and ready for action. The soon to be pugilists were kept apart by the small group of riders that were left and the fight turned to only a bike throw.

Everyone remounted, but aforementioned mouthy rider was not done and came back looking for more. This time he cut off the same rider he was having troubles with, got off his bike and proceeded to chase him on foot. I must say that was one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen on a bike, a cyclist running on the street with cycling shoes, a helmet, tights.

Upon remounting his bike once again, the rest of the group gave the dude a mouth full and that somehow cooled him off. For some reason I know this will not be the last incident with said rider, but he better be careful as to who he picks on next time.

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