Friday, October 10, 2008

Sunny October

I have ridden everyday since Sunday and I can't be happier with the sun and the mid 70s temps, even if early during the week the arm and knee warmers were out for a workout. The riding has been pretty tranquil, with one long day on Tuesday with Jose, doing a few hills just for fun. My left knee and my right ankle are a little sore, and I'm guessing is the change in temperatures that are the cause. That or my age is starting to catch up with me!

And having the week off work has just done wonders to my riding. The plan for the weekend is to do the 10AM and 8:30AM rides and just log miles at a nice pace. Of course tomorrow is the Texas vs. OU game and since I'm a adopted Texan, the Longhorns will get my full support.

The trip to Panama is still on for December, minus my girlfriend. She couldn't get off work which really sucks, but the bike will keep me busy for 10 days. My dad is planning some fun rides with the locals and I want to arrive in good shape so I don't get stumped by the natives.

Check your cable or satellite lineup for Universal Sports. Nothing but sports all day and to add to the fun, some cycling. Old races, but some is better than nothing. Right now they are showing the Worlds. Who needs baseball?

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