Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just a week ago I was doing "Dani's" hilly loop in shorts, jersey and arm warmers (just to do the pro thing) and today, I saw snow flakes...crazy!!!...Dani called to see if we were doing the hilly route again and departue time was set for 2PM...weather looked good earlier in the morning and I was looking forward to some revenge after last week's debacle...but the more I kept looking at the weatherbug site, the more the weather started to turn, and not in a positive way. At 1PM, Dani called to cancel the ride...smart guy he is...and I thought of going out for a spin, damn the cold, but the wind outside quickly made me change my mind...you see, I'm allergic to wind...instead I hit the kitchen and went all Emeril Lagasse for a change...BAM!!!!...and started the blog...who says I'm not productive...Jose get's back tonight from NY and rumor has it that the "Spanish Mafia" is doing part of the Saturday 10AM ride...hopefully the weather gods will allow us to log a few miles before things get completetly out of hand weather wise later this week.

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