Thursday, January 31, 2008

On, off and on again...

That's the pattern these days. I ride for three or four days, and then I'm taking the same amount of time off the bike. Weather is the main culprit, but work is a close second and now, I'm dialing the position on the bike which is taking some visits to the chiro for the ever popular "bone popping". And so far things are working out good with the adjustments, the hip pain is decreasing and the position feels a lot better. So if I can just get on with the training, things should improve for Jeff Cup. Not that I'm looking to set the road on fire or anything like that. Not with the rest of the bloggers (other cat4s) out there talking about power numbers, intervals and how much and how hard they are riding, at times it sounds scary. You'll never read such data here, because there isn't any. Call me old fashioned. There, I feel better.
Over at the sands in Doha (Qatar) the burrito guys suffered a heavy blow today when they lost Maggie Backstedt. The dude has had a serious run of bad luck since about, well, a year ago and it seems like things are not starting too well for the likeable Swede so far this season. Hopefully Maggie will make a full recovery in time for Paris-Roubaix. And if you are keeping score, Loddo beat Boonen and the rest yesterday and today it was Napolitano's turn to step to the highest step of the podium.

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