Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Damn chain!!!

The sun was out today!!!yeeehhhaaawww. But the weather gods don't want to reward us just yet with a "great day" so despite the fact that it was sunny and it felt a little warmer, the NW wind was going to cause some concerns at HP. Rode from the house to the point and found Dani and later Jose. Looking at the contenders who showed up for Wednesday's festivities, things were going to be fast sooner rather than later. The first lap was taken easy and I can say that because Dani and I sat at the front the entire lap. The second lap was a bit faster but nothing special. The third one, you could feel the excitment building and by the time we were finishing the lap, the attacks began, thick and fast. I was doing my best to hold wheels, when all of the sudden my chain came off the big ring, great. I quickly tried to re-engage it but it took longer than I wanted and by then I was looking at the back of the now fast moving pack. Dani was behind so I pulled the plug and so did Jose, so we settled into the same routine as yesterday, which worked quite well. We had two more guys to fight the wind, so it was a real good workout, although one guy skipped a few pulls and then jumped us, classy. Off tomorrow and then I'm looking to an easy ride on Friday and Saturday before tackling 70 miles on Sunday, weather permitting.

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