Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bravery at last!!!!

This morning I felt a little more confident about riding, and it wasn't long after waking up that the phone rang. "weather report" asked Jose..."there's a winter weather advisory until 4PM" was my reply to which I added, "screw it, we are riding". Another phone call later and Dani was onboard. Got dressed and felt like I had an astronaut suit on, but I was feeling warm. Dani came by the house and off we went to HP. There we hooked up with Jose and a few others and started a lap around. No sooner had we finished the first lap that the other 4 guys started to get feisty. "Have it at folks, I'm not getting sucked into this after 5 days off the bike", and with that, I settled into a nice tempo that both Jose and Dani seemed to enjoy. We did our usual joking around to help the time pass and to keep us thinking about something other than the cold and he nagging drizzle. Now back in the house, I can tell my mood is upbeat and I feel fresh. Like Dani said to me before heading out, "I had to ride or I was going to go mad"...I hear you bro.

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