Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Spanish Mafia" Ride

Jose, Enrique, Dani and myself (a.k.a. The Spanish Mafia) headed out to Great Falls to do part of the 10AM loop to work on hills...of course, I was out for revenge after the below par performance I had last week during Dani's hilly loop, due to a severe case of bonking...and as is customary with this crew, the minute they smelled blood, they a pack of hyenas going after a single, wounded today I was better prepared. The pace was a good one, everyone was working well, and Enrique, even though he rides far less during the week than the rest of us, still was able to keep pace for most of the ride, trading pulls here and there...Jose and Dani were up to their usual tricks, talking trash and cracking jokes. I don't know what hurts more, the hills or all the laughing during the sure made the ride feel warmer. Coming down Great Falls we crossed path with a group from Silver Spring (I think?)...Rayman was in the middle of the action going up...we made a 360 at the bottom of Great Falls and went back up, at a more human pace and saw the devastation coming up the park hill, where the Silver Spring bunch was completely decimated by a dude sporting the US national team gear...back down for us and we packed the bike after 35 miles...a good day for us, before the weather gods turn the screws and hit us right on the face. Looks like the rest of the week I'll be either working or on the couch...trainer you say?, no thanks!!!!

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Daniel said...

Lucky day for you guys, but next time, NO MERCY. GRRRRRR WOOF WOOF