Friday, February 1, 2008

No Giro for you!!!!...

The rain is getting old, nothing new there. So I have spent the last few minutes checking out the latest on news from the international peloton. First item on the agenda is Boonen winning his third stage and overall at the Tour of Qatar. Not the complete domination the team showed last year, but the desert likes the Belgian and his boys. Staying in the dunes, the locals have thoughts of running the Tour's prologue in the near future. Money is not an issue with the natives, but the logistics of it do present a bit of a problem. More of what their plans are can be found here.
Next is the announcing by RCS (Giro organizers) of who's going to be in Italy in May partaking on the annual trek around the penninsula. Big names are going to be sitting at home watching on the tele, and several of the squadras that were not invited will be thinking hard about what the future will hold for July.
On the local front, I was able to register for Jeff Cup at around 9:00:15AM EST and about 4 minutes later, the list was about 63 and growing. I'm wondering, are they using the entire road or will the yellow rule be in high demand?. If the pack reaches 125 riders, position will be the key. Fun times!!!.

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GamJams said...

It's a rolling enclosure, giving you the whole road.