Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today's 7AM ride felt a little more human than the last few editions. Although the climb on Mass Ave. was attacked at full throttle by the big dogs, the size of the A minus group was big enough to stay sheltered from the wind. And it was probably the wind, but it did feel colder than it looked. My hands never warmed up and breathing was a little difficult due to the cold air. But overall, another good ride in the bag, confidence is slowly getting better as the training moves phases. Tomorrow's ride should be another fun affair, especially if I get to ride the 70 mile round trip. The legs will feel nice and crispy by the time I get home. And the Daytona 500 should be on then, so it's good news all around. Speaking of that, the sole American team in the Pro Tour had some great news yesterday. Hopefully my old training partnerwill have his day in the sun over the cobbles of northern France.

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