Friday, February 22, 2008

Last chance...

I hope this is the last winter blast of the year. People are telling me that this wasn't too bad of a winter, and I just think that none of them fools were up at 7AM trying to hold on for dear life on Mass Ave. with the thermometer barely breaking 30 degrees. But hey, nicer days are on the way. Needless to say the Tarmac has been parked in the living room for the last 72 hours, waiting for the sky to clear. Yesterday I was planning on a quick spin before work, but a quick check to and the 22 degrees I saw were enough to make me change my mind. So now lets hope tomorrow's weather improves enough for a crack at the 7AM ride. If not, then Sunday will mark the return to training. On the pro side of things, TOC is rolling along just fine and the crowds are great, meaning that despite all the crap the sport is taking at the top level, fans are still willing to go the extra mile to see the guys ride. Versus coverage still not making my Christmas list as of yet, with some technical stuff still needed to be sort out. Don't get me the weather excuse or the "plane ran out of fuel", I will not have none of it. Maybe I'll send them my resume for next year and help improve things. Of course a trip to France in July will have to be pat of the package. Het Volkis just a week away and with that the start of the real pro season in Europe. Let the games begin.

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