Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This is getting out of hand...

Yes, the weather situation is starting to suck big time, but then again is February so I'm not going to complain too much about it. On the other hand you have ASO leaving Astana out of the tour and for that matter out of any race the frenchies organize. If you are Contador, Leipheimer, Kloden, any other Astana rider, management or sponsor(s) and you were eating your Wheaties this morning when the news broke, I'm sure the weather issues were the least of your concerns. Talk about a wake up call. A complete revamping of the team management was not enough for the French to realize that changes were happening. ASO is not "falling" for that one again and they openend a six pack of whoopass on the Bruyneel lead team. Seems to me like High Road did the same thing and everything looks cool with them because at least they got an invite to Paris-Nice which pretty much grants them entrance to the other ASO events. But Astana is this year's, and unless cooler heads prevail, things are not looking that promising for the Kazakh backed team.
On the home front, no riding the last two days and it seems like I'll swing my leg over the bike again on Friday. Train a few days, rest a few more, that's my motto.

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