Monday, February 4, 2008


Woke up this morning and it was sprinkling. No worries, the ride wasn't planned until noon anyway, so there was some hope. Besides, the morning agenda included a trip to the chiropractor (which by the way has done wonders to my back), a stop at the post office and the usual cleaning of the house. But no sooner had I walked through the front door, my phone rang and guess who it was? work..."hi, we need you to come in today"...never mind is my day off. No ride today but as bad as it sounded having to go to work, I was looking to the positive side. I will (more than likely) be able to take a comp day off later, hopefully for Poolsville or any other race on a Saturday. Tomorrow is supposed to be warm again with rain as a possibility, so I will get my fitting done and hope that neither work or the weather will get on the way of riding.

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