Saturday, February 9, 2008

Back to business...

The 7AM ride was a peppy one today. Somewhere down Macarthur, Jose and I got behind some questionable riders and lost contact with the front group. I'm not a usual member of the A group, usually you find me hanging around the A minus or B plus groups. Jose was out of action the last few weeks due to his duties at work and today I got to see his new ride for the first time. Bitching!!! is all I can say. The plan was to just ride tempo to get his legs back under him and before I knew it, he was hammering. Before the ever popular sprint, coming out of the neighborhood leading out to the long drag to the line, he needed a few encouraging words to get him in the mood and before I knew it, he was at the front taking the sprint. Now, I'm not the one to keep score on local sprints, to me they don't prove much and can cause some serious crashes, but it was good to see him back in business, even though he knows that a few more rides will get him back to where he was. And as a bonus, I was just a few meters behind. Again, I don't usually mix it with the big guns, but today I was testing the waters. Tomorrow's looking a bit difficult with the wind and the 70 miles planned. The "Spanish Mafia" will be at the Bicycle Place ride, adding a few extra miles by riding to and from Alexandria. If the weather channel's wind advisory is correct, this could be an epic event.

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