Friday, February 8, 2008

Not done yet...

Winter is fighting hard to keep its grip, and just because the temperatures were way above normal this week, it doesn't mean that I can pack away my winter clothes. This morning I headed to HP for a few laps before work and it was great. Even though the weather channel said it was 34 degrees, the wind was "light" and it didn't feel bad at all, making it a perfect end to the week. The two visits to the chiropractor and the bike fitting are improving my position on the bike and I feel like I can generate a little more power, not that my engine is that big. But that's pretty much it for good news because on Sunday, it's going to be cold again and to add insult to injury, the wind is going to be hard to content with. At least is warm somewhere and I'm sure the racing is going to be good. Not as hot as the fight betweent ASO and the UCI but then again nothing can come even close.

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